Sandy's History

In the summer of 1945, Andy Harris, his wife Goldie and their daughter Sandy (for whom the business was named) along with their friend and business partner Glen Teter, moved to Austin from Akron, Ohio. After obtaining a 99 year lease from Rosa McPhail of McPhail’s Florist, construction began in October of 1945. Andy and Glen did all of the construction themselves and Sandy’s opened in May of 1946. Goldie ran it until 1964 when she and Andy sold out to Glen. Glen ran it until he sold it shortly before his death in 1969 to Ralph Moreland. The current owner, Jearl Ledbetter, bought Sandy’s in November of 1979.

May 1946

One week after opening. Andy Harris, Goldie Harris, Glen Teter, and (front) Sandy Harris.

June 1946

One month after opening.